About Us

1800Safety offers safety related companies a functional, user-friendly website  where they:

(1) can have real online presence; and

(2) are able to introduce their product  solutions to the client-partners of the Safety Center Group.   

By partnering with 1800Safety, companies in the safety business do not have to  spend time acquiring and updating know-how in programming, web maintenance, and hosting  for setting up and running a website.  They can focus on their core competency of providing  and delivering product solutions to customers.

As it undergoes development, 1800Safety will follow best practices in the creation  of an online shopping platform that allows instant access to product solutions 24/7.  

At 1800Safety, client-partners can research products, view datasheets and  product images,  and confirm stock availability. Most important, anyone can order online at any time.   

Through 1800Safety, we bring to the forefront all safety  solution providers in the country to allow client-partners to make  better decisions in mitigating risks and saving lives.